Die AGOF Webseite – jetzt auch in Englisch!

News vom 28.08.2014

The AGOF website – now also in English!

We are very happy to welcome our international website visitors on our English website section.

The new English website version provides our English speaking visitors with data on the AGOF studies and information on how to participate at AGOF. They can also find information on our services like, for example, connect, TOP or the AGOF Academy. The structure of AGOF is explained and information on our whole portfolio is provided. Beginning from now, we will add a translated version of core results to every new wave of the internet facts and mobile facts studies to give a quick overview to our international visitors.

Visitors can easily change the website language by clicking on the corresponding button in the top navigation bar. Since we have not translated all of our content in English, a short introduction is included on every web page which informs our website visitors if there is an English version of the page. This is done consistently to the German web pages in a blue box. If further information is needed from our staff, contact details are also provided.

When there is no English translation available, visitors will be informed with a yellow box on the page that these specific contents are only available in German language. The German webpage content is then mirrored on the English website. This enables our visitors to easily access the German version of the web page without having to leave the English navigation structure.

In the future, we will continuously expand our English website.

Have we sparked your interest? Then come and visit our new website. Enjoy!

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