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In our picture archive you find our logos and images of our board and staff.


Name Art Größe
Agof 02 Clarissa Moughrabijpg2.5 MB
Agof 03 Vorstand Dirk Maurerjpg2.5 MB
Agof 06 Vorstand Michael Hallemannjpg1.5 MB
ASG Stellv Geschaeftsfuehrerin Jennifer Bubbeljpg3.0 MB
Geschaeftsfuehrerin Claudia Dubraujpg2.9 MB
MA Katharina Metzgerjpg3.2 MB
MA Marion Beckersjpg2.8 MB
Vorstand Bjoern Kaspringjpg1.5 MB
Vorstand Kirsten Latourjpg1.3 MB
Vorstand Rene Lamsfussjpg685.5 KB
Vorstand Steffen Baxjpg1.1 MB


Name Art Größe
AGOF Logo AGOFjpg687.6 KB
AGOF-logo Daily-digital-factsjpg732.7 KB
AGOF-logo Daily-digital-factseps400.4 KB
Logo AGOFeps367.0 KB
Logo AGOFjpeg687.6 KB
Logo Akademieeps369.4 KB
Logo Akademiejpeg125.5 KB
Logo ASGeps336.1 KB
Logo ASGjpeg169.1 KB
Logo Brandfactseps519.4 KB
Logo Brandfactsjpeg754.6 KB
Logo Digital Factseps524.9 KB
Logo Digital Factseps524.9 KB
Logo Digital Factsjpeg26.1 KB
Logo Digital Factsjpeg26.1 KB
Logo Facts Figureseps366.0 KB
Logo Facts Figuresjpeg640.1 KB
Logo Internet Factsjpeg9.2 KB
Logo Internet Factseps354.1 KB
Logo Mobile Factseps414.0 KB
Logo Mobile Factsjpeg42.1 KB
Logo TOPeps492.6 KB
Logo TOPjpeg23.8 KB

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