dmexco 2017: The Measurement Debate

News vom 07.09.2017

dmexco 2017: The Measurement Debate


Zum Thema „How to get hold of our Online Ads‘ Success – and what’s beyond Viewability?“ diskutieren die AGOF und weitere führende Online-Vertreter am 14. September von 16.20 – 16.55 Uhr in der dmexco Debate Hall. Nicht verpassen!

The Measurement Panel will address the most urgent questions in this area:
– What is the current status of the visibility debate?
– What challenges will face us in the future, and what are the next steps we must take?
There are still many open questions related to the measurement of online moving images and of programmatic delivery.

Another issue besides the lack of measurements is the existence of erroneous measurements that have serious consequences. How can measurement mistakes be avoided, and who has to bear the responsibility for them? Another important issue is the validity of audience verification. Are the results really reliable, and thus appropriate for optimizing campaigns?

How should the interplay between advertisers, agencies, and tech suppliers function in order to establish effective and feasible standards, metrics, and measurement techniques?

Mit dabei: Jin Choi (FACEBOOK), Björn Kaspring (AGOF), Christian Scholz (INITIATIVE), Uwe Storch (FERRERO/OWM) und Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck (BURDAFORWARD).

Die Debate Hall finden Sie dieses Jahr in Halle 6 der dmexco.

Und wer noch weitere Inspiration möchte: Hier finden Sie im Überblick das dmexco – Conference Programm am zweiten Messetag.
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