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on the use of TOP modular

The market media data in TOP modular substantially support the media planning process. To this end, the analysis and planning program provides comprehensive evaluation options, including tabulations, media and structural analyses and ranking sequences, as well as a planning mode featuring detailed and practice-orientated setting options.

TOP modular Requirements

The new, web-based TOP solution no longer requires software and data to be installed and stored on the user’s computer. Instead, TOP modular can be accessed via any web-enabled computer.

All you need to use TOP modular is a webserver connection. The loading times depend on the connection’s data rate and also the browser speed. The faster the connection and the browser, the shorter the response times. Apart from that, the web application doesn’t come with any particular requirements.

For TOP modular, we currently recommend using the Google Chrome browser (Version 48 or newer) with a resolution of 1280×1024 or higher. Firefox 44+, Safari 7+ and Internet Explorer (Version 11 or newer) are also supported.

TOP modular User Guide

The TOP modular User Guide is available free of charge to give you an initial introduction and help you with the various digital media planning options TOP has to offer.

TOP modular User Guide

You will find all important functions and possibilities with corresponding reading examples as well as an explanation of the individual steps in the creation of a media plan in TOP modular.

TOP seminars

If you wish to learn even more about the use of the agof figures in TOP for digital media planning or about using the new TOP modular, agof offers various practice-orientated seminars for all experience levels through the agof academy.

For further information and how to register please contact:

agof academy

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