TOP modular

TOP modular

TOP is ascending to the cloud – come and join us!

TOP is an analysis and planning program for top-quality, efficient media planning that agencies and marketers have trusted for years. Quality that our users appreciate – meanwhile at an advanced level with TOP modular!

TOP as an advertising application

The new TOP modular is an exclusive advertising application, which is displayed and operated via a web browser. This makes TOP modular available for a variety of operating systems.

Furthermore, the web-based technology comes with the advantage that it is no longer necessary to install software and data on the users’ computers. Particularly considering the constantly increasing amount of data that make up the agof studies – today at over one gigabyte per data set – this represents an important milestone in the development of TOP and the agof studies. What’s most convenient for the users is that the daily digital facts can be accessed via TOP modular from any web-enabled computer without requiring prior download.

TOP is personalized

In order to use TOP modular, you just have to log on to the web application. Therefore, every user has their own personal access to TOP modular and can create their own individual user profile with bespoke preferences. The login launches a session, which ends when the user logs out. Projects featuring target groups, media lists, analyses and plans can be saved in a user’s personal account and re-loaded later on. It is also possible to store projects locally on a personal computer.

TOP is modular

The name says it all – TOP now consists of various functional components that can be provided gradually and licensed according to the individual user’s personal preferences. The base module ‘TOP basic’ is already available today; this version comprises the classic analysis area. If desired, the ‘TOP planning’ module featuring the planning functions can also be added on. Further modules will follow!

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