TOP for educational purposes

TOP modular for educational purposes

Who else do we offer our analysis and planning program to?

Due to increasing enquiries from research institutions such as universities and scientific research institutes as well as diploma and doctoral students, concerning agof data, agof provides TOP modular with the current digital data set free of charge to universities, universities of applied sciences and other scientific institutions for teaching purposes.

Students, diploma and doctoral students as well as research assistants in the fields of communication science, media science, sociology, psychology and business administration may also purchase TOP modular free of charge.

You may order TOP modular directly from the manufacturer. Please send a corresponding where-used list by e-mail or fax.

Contact for TOP modular:

COMsulting Media Services GmbH
Höppnerweg 1
23669 Timmendorfer Strand

Tel.: +49 4503-3535-0

Fax: +49 4503-3535-13


Proof of use of matriculation certificate, etc.

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