TOP basic

TOP basic

With TOP basic, users can analyse all data from agof daily digital facts easily and conveniently – now supplemented by graphs and available on all operating systems.


The TOP basic component is the core of TOP modular and the basis for all further modules. In addition to the web application solution, the advantages of the new TOP basic can be seen in the new overview section that provides quick access to agof studies as well as the familiar analysis options that are now enhanced by graphs.

On the clearly arranged landing page, all central data relating to the participating marketers, offers and booking units are available in just a few clicks. The data illustrations can be supplemented by graphics in many places. The user can also choose from several viewing options that are just a click away on the respective icon:

  • Logo view
  • Tabellen view
  • Pie chart
  • Bar chart
  • Group view

Furthermore, various quick views are available: detailed view, trend chart and components.

Detailed view

For each element of a study there is a detailed view indicating the key performance indicators of that element as well as a description provided by the marketer. Moreover, the associated booking units are displayed with the offers as coverage in millions of Unique Users as well as some contact information.

Grafik TOP basic Übersicht

Trend chart

Compiling a trend chart of an offer or a booking unit is just a click away and shows the coverage development over the past 12 months. The pre-set unit is ‘Unique Users’ in millions, but this may be switched to ‘Exposures’ in the drop-down menu. The trend chart can also be exported.

Here’s an example:

Grafik TOP basic Übersicht 2


The ‘Components’ view shows the composition of digital full coverage offers both in tabular and graph form. The graph shows the overlap of the websites, MEWs and apps as an overlapping graph.

Grafik TOP basic Bestandteile

Export options

Tables and graphs can be exported virtually everywhere in the new TOP basic. In addition to the Excel export formats, it is now possible to export to CSV and PowerPoint. In the case of Excel and CSV exports, the data are exported “behind” the graphic as a table; the PowerPoint export outputs the graph as an editable PowerPoint diagram.

With all these upgrades, almost all process participants, such as marketing, sales and PR, can now independently use agof data for their work. More employees can quickly access central agof data for their own means and incorporate them into their respective business procedures, tailored precisely to their needs.

Whilst the overview section invites you to browse and discover content, the data can be specifically evaluated in the analysis section. All analysis options available in the current TOP desktop version are also available in TOP basic. Here’s an excerpt:

  • Tabulation
  • Media structural analysis
  • Ranking sequence

On top of that, there are a number of particularly convenient upgrades in the analysis section:


Each analysis can be displayed as a graphic at the click of a button. Here the user may choose from different types of graphics (bars, columns, lines, spider diagrams).

Any graphic can also be exported into PowerPoint as an editable chart

Grafik TOP basic Grafik

Sample ranking sequence:

Grafik TOP basic Rangreihe

Sample media structure analysis:

Grafik TOP basic edien-Strukturanalyse

Selection first columns

Selecting first columns in an analysis has become particularly easy. First of all, there are a number of standard first columns available (e.g. standard demographics, interest, purchase intentions, etc.). However, the user may also compile their own first columns and easily call them up again whenever they are needed.

Automated connecting

Automated connecting of target groups is a particular highlight. TOP modular is able to automatically connect target group characteristics to form a desired target group. The user no longer has to actively select the connecting mode; if characteristics of a header are concerned, they are ‘OR’ connected, otherwise an ‘AND’ connect is set. Of course, the user may still individually create and edit these connects.

If that isn’t enough, the basic TOP modular option can be complemented with further components:

The TOP planning module
Additional modules

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