Features of TOP

Features of TOP

TOP modular is a joint initiative of agof and its market partners to ensure transparency and standardisation in digital media planning.

Appropiate digital media planning

TOP aims to make the special characteristics of a digital campaign plannable and predictable. To this end, TOP is continuously being further developed and extended with planning-relevant functions. An important evolutionary step was the introduction of TOP modular, the web-based, modular successor to the familiar desktop software.

TOP modular provides access to agof studies, making all the current media performance values and target group characteristics available for digital campaigns as well as for specific online or mobile campaigns. At the centre there always is the Unique User (net coverage), which has established itself in Germany as the standardised digital coverage currency. Media-specific functions such as Frequency Capping and Targeting are available also as predictable and applicable standards. In addition to a comprehensive analysis section, TOP modular also offers a planning module that facilitates media planning for digital advertising by offering media-specific functions. The individual modules can be obtained separately, whereby TOP basic always has to be booked as a basis. Last but not least, TOP can be used to carry out both ex-post and ex-ante analyses.

Product profile

TOP modular was devised by the company COMsulting on behalf of agof and is an agof product. The planning software is based on the technical platform by mediMACH. The further development of TOP is an on-going process that is accompanied and assisted by numerous users contributing excellent ideas.

Information on TOP modular

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