First issue of the daily digital facts

News from the 16th of August 2017

First issue of the daily digital facts


The daily digital facts is the new market media study created by AGOF. It includes the established currency standard of the former study digital facts, as well as detailed digital reach levels for each individual day.

Thus, it is possible to use individual periods for digital media planning for the first time. Events such as public holidays, political occurrences or world championships can now be considered and analysed in detail.

Todays issue is about the first stage of the daily digital facts. The contained data from April until July 2017 were compiled based on the new method model and procedure. Reach levels for every individual day as well as the opportunity to plan particular periods are already included.
For a short interim period, the individual days of a month will be declared in the following month.
In the second step, likely starting in autumn, it will be switched to a daily issue.
This means the final daily digital facts will be released every morning and include the reach levels of the previous day.

For more information concerning this topic, please see the press release from the 16th of August 2017:
See press release