mobile facts

The mobile facts

From autumn 2010 until august 2015, the study “Mobile Facts“ was added to the AGOF study pool.


Its aim is to publish the “Mobile Facts” study including planning data on mobile media coverage and the structures of mobile offerings in order to establish a mobile media coverage currency on the market in the medium term. The “Mobile Facts“ study aspires to establish a standard for the mobile media coverage in terms of relevance and quality, similar to the already successfully implemented “Internet Facts” standard. The AGOF Mobile Section assumes the responsibility for and monitoring of the development and implementation of its study model, the implementation of the study itself as well as the methodological processes to measure the mobile coverage in close cooperation with the respective bodies of BVDW and agma. Analogous to the “Internet Facts”, the planning data record of the “Mobile Facts” will be made available in the AGOF planning tool TOP for online media planning.

In parallel with publishing its regular studies, AGOF also provides so-called AGOF facts & figures (previously known as industry reports). They include target group potential on the Internet for selected industries and identify the importance of the Internet serving as an information and transaction medium for certain product categories.

Since august 2015 the mobile facts ist not longer published, mobile data can be still viewed separately in the digital facts.

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