digital facts

The digital facts

The basis for overlap-free and cross-media digital media planning

User behaviour, living environments and media usage are becoming increasingly digital. This is a particular challenge in media planning. agof’s study has now created the first qualitative planning basis for this purpose in the German market to enable comprehensive planning beyond stationary and mobile Internet – overlap-free!

What are digital facts

The market-media study of AGOF

Presented for the first time to the media public within the framework of dmexco 2014, the market media study “digital facts” has periodically supplemented the agof repository of studies since August 2015. For the first time, “digital facts” will enable cross-media and overlap-free planning of stationary and mobile offerings at agof’s established level of quality.

The “digital facts” study includes all of the previously familiar qualification data of the agof studies such as net and gross coverage, sociodemographic and psychographic characteristics for user and target-group description (structural data), market data (consumption and household amenities) and general data on Internet usage. All information is also available in agof’s evaluation and planning tool TOP.


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