Monthly reports

Monthly reports of daily digital facts

Status quo in publication of daily digital facts:

Due to the current conversion of the measurement procedure in connection with the TTDSG regulation (Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act) that has come into force, agof can only make the data of the daily digital facts (ddf) available in a limited form for the time being.

The publication of the daily digital facts is currently suspended, the data of the daily digital facts is available until November 2021.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet predict when the data of the daily digital facts study will return to the regular publication rhythm.

The background: Since 01 December, we have had to adapt our data processing under the new framework conditions of the TTDSG (Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act), which unfortunately entails significant changes once again. Since this work is also implemented, tested and evaluated directly in live operation, agof has decided on a continued suspension of the daily digital facts until all procedures have been adapted.

Therefore, we have to ask you for a little patience. As soon as the daily digital facts can be published regularly again, we will inform you here promptly.

Assessment November 2021

Based on the individual month, you can download the rankings of marketers and offerings for the month of November 2021, as well as a selection of diagrams below. The attached files are only available in German.

Further data and assessments are available in TOP modular.

Name Art Größe
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Digitalxlsx48.8 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Digitalpdf274.0 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Internetpdf271.5 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Internetxlsx48.2 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Mobilexlsx41.6 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Mobilepdf185.7 KB
ddf_November_2021_Grafikenpptx8.8 MB
ddf_November_2021_Grafikenpdf646.0 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Digitalpdf44.6 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Digitalxlsx30.4 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Internetpdf44.6 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Internetxlsx30.4 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Mobilepdf39.2 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Mobilexlsx29.9 KB
ddf_November_2021_Zuordnung_Angebote_Vermarkterxlsx50.3 KB


Earlier editions are available in our study archive.

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