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Monthly reports of daily digital facts

Current notice:

Current changes in publication of daily digital facts
Due to currently undergoing important changes in our measurement process, we can only offer a limited service involving daily digital facts (ddf). This circumstance is temporary and is needed to meet the standards of the TTDSG-Enforcement (Telekommunication Telemedia Data Protection Act), which came into force on December 1st, 2021.
This transitional arrangement is taking effect for the first time for October 2021. A main limitation will be the restrictive output of readings of the measured values for specific days/weeks. There will only be a measured value available for an average day/week, calculated within a period of at least 28 days. Meaning if any selected day or week is taking place in October, this limitation is applied. It is also applied automatically in our TOP tool. This principle also applies during the transition period for individually selectable periods (e.g. 01 – 28 October or 20 September – 17 October). As of Wednesday, 19.01.2022, ddf data for 01.11. up to and including 30.11.2021 will be available in TOP.

However, the blocking period of seven days still applies until the results can be published externally. Therefore, the monthly data for November will be made available starting 27.01.2022.

The other weeks will be reproduced step by step and published as soon as they have been methodically checked and approved.
Further timings and procedures will be published on

Assessment November 2021

Based on the individual month, you can download the rankings of marketers and offerings for the month of November 2021, as well as a selection of diagrams below. The attached files are only available in German.

Further data and assessments are available in TOP modular.

Name Art Größe
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Digitalxlsx49.0 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Digitalpdf280.4 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Internetpdf277.8 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Internetxlsx48.3 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Mobilexlsx41.6 KB
ddf_November_2021_Angebote_Ranking_Mobilepdf185.7 KB
ddf_November_2021_Grafikenpptx8.8 MB
ddf_November_2021_Grafikenpdf646.0 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Digitalpdf44.6 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Digitalxlsx30.4 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Internetpdf44.6 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Internetxlsx30.4 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Mobilepdf39.2 KB
ddf_November_2021_Vermarkter_Ranking_Mobilexlsx29.9 KB
ddf_November_2021_Zuordnung_Angebote_Vermarkterxlsx50.2 KB


Earlier editions are available in our study archive.

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