Monthly reports

Monthly report of daily digital facts

Status quo of daily digital facts:

Following extensive methodological changes and adjustments against the backdrop of the Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG), which came into force, data for the daily digital facts study is available again after the longer break.

Due to the complex processing, however, the previous data gaps can only be filled step by step.

Please note:

The changes in the survey mean that from now on, the results can no longer be compared with the values of the agof daily digital facts already published. This applies to the reach and structure data of the offerings, the marketer portfolio, information on general Internet usage, and all market data.

Due to this cut, comparisons and contrasts with the data of previous years are not permitted in any form! Please also refer to the current agof communication guidelines.

Assessment June 2022

Based on the individual month, you can download the rankings of marketers and offerings for the month of June 2022, as well as a selection of diagrams below. The attached files are only available in German.

Further data and assessments are available in TOP modular.

Name Art Größe
Angebote_Ranking_df_2022-05pdf307.8 KB
Angebote_Ranking_df_2022-05xlsx45.0 KB
Angebote_Ranking_if_2022-05xlsx44.6 KB
Angebote_Ranking_if_2022-05pdf97.4 KB
Angebote_Ranking_mf_2022-05pdf276.5 KB
Angebote_Ranking_mf_2022-05xlsx38.3 KB
Online-Penetration_nach_Alter_df_2022-05xlsx29.0 KB
Soziodemografie_df_2022-05xlsx29.3 KB
Universum_nach_Altersklassen_df_2022-05xlsx28.7 KB
Vermarkter_Ranking_df_2022-05xlsx30.4 KB
Vermarkter_Ranking_df_2022-05pdf244.6 KB
Vermarkter_Ranking_if_2022-05xlsx29.7 KB
Vermarkter_Ranking_if_2022-05pdf244.5 KB
Vermarkter_Ranking_mf_2022-05xlsx29.6 KB
Vermarkter_Ranking_mf_2022-05pdf244.1 KB
Zuordnung_Angebote_Vermarkter_2022-05xlsx63.5 KB


Earlier editions are available in our study archive.

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