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Current results

Current results from the daily digital facts

The daily digital facts study is agof’s latest market media study. For the first time, it provides detailed coverage for individual days and makes it possible to analyze individual time periods. Naturally, at agof’s established level of quality and with daily updates!

General information

Similar to previous studies, daily digital facts provides digital coverage for offerings and booking units, target group structures and core data on Internet usage and e-commerce.

In addition, daily digital facts makes it possible to analyze individual days and select individual time periods for digital media planning. To access the comprehensive database, please use our web-based analysis and planning tool TOP modular.

Current notice:

In its ruling on “Planet 49”, the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof) has significantly tightened the requirements for setting cookies. In this context, agof has decided that all participants in the market media study daily digital facts (ddf) must implement a consensus management platform (CMP) with immediate effect in order to obtain the explicit consent of their users to the use of cookies.

The implementation process of CMPs is complex and could (e.g. due to technical problems) lead to atypical performance levels. Therefore, agof has taken precautions to ensure that only valid data continues to be reported in the daily digital facts.

For a transitional period, the data will therefore be subject to extended monitoring. In practice, this means that final data on online use will not be reported the following day as usual, but only after a 14-day period of examination. Since, according to the statutes of agof, only final values may be publicly communicated, all results are now published with a 14-day delay.

Current diagrams of daily digital facts

Our monthly rankings and diagrams are available under monthly reports.

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