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daily digital facts

Daily facts based on the established agof currency standard

Content, services and offerings change constantly, depending on current events or user requirements. These dynamics challenged the previous digital planning basis to transparently reflect speed and flexibility. agof’s daily digital facts is a modern and scalable standard, fulfilling the increasing demand regarding speed, customizability and transparency. Each and every day!

agof’s new market media study

The daily digital facts study is agof’s latest market media study. For the first time, it provides detailed coverage for individual days, making it thus possible to analyze individual time periods for media planning, e.g. vacation periods or all days the Olympic Games take place, etc. Another significant enhancement: daily digital facts is not published once a month, but every morning, informing on the coverage of the previous day.

But apart from these enhancements, daily digital facts is of proven agof quality. It includes all of the previously familiar qualification data of the agof studies such as net and gross coverage, sociodemographic and psychographic characteristics for user and target-group description (structural data), market data (consumption and household amenities) and general data on Internet usage. It also enables cross-media and overlap-free planning of stationary and mobile offerings, which were first introduced with the digital facts study.

All information is also available in agof’s evaluation and planning tool TOP modular for analysis and digital media planning purposes.

Study archive daily digital facts

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