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agof special analyses

The aim of the agof special analyses is to demonstrate the diversity and attractiveness of target groups represented on the Internet and to raise awareness for online customer potentials in particular. They are an addition to the regular reports on the agof studies.


General information | 2017 

General information

In the course of a market-oriented optimisation of the conceptual design, the number of special analyses previously known as “agof industry reports” was increased to four publications per quarter since 2012. In addition, the content has been streamlined and the name also changed: the agof industry reports are now published under the name “agof facts & figures: Industry potentials on the Internet”. The new name wants to reflect the focus of the publications on the analysis of centralised quantitative and qualitative target group potentials for selected industries. Due to the increased importance of the mobile media, the content of the reports was furthermore increased, and since the fourth quarter in 2013 they now include a reflection on the mobile potentials of the industries. Below you will find an overview on the agof facts & figures planned for 2017. Please note that the agof facts & figures are currently only available in German. If you want to download the German editions, please go to our download centre.


agof facts & figures 2017

The following agof facts & figures are already been published in 2017:


1st Quarter 2017

Travel & Tourism
Fashion & Shoes

2nd Quarter 2017

Perfume & Cosmetics
Food & Beverages

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