agof Studies


With its market media studies, agof has established a comprehensive database for all market partners on the online advertising market.

The basis for high-quality online media planning is made up of data and performance values for various segments of the digital economy provided by agof, i.e. the stationary and mobile Internet. The agof studies play a decisive role in establishing a digital advertising medium within the media mix as it ensures comparability of the performance values of online advertising media to provide a solid planning foundation. All performance indicators are available to websites participating in the agof study and their sub pages – called booking units – enabling them to plan their online advertising activities according to comparable standards in traditional advertising.

Currently, agof publishes the following study

The “daily digital facts” allows for cross-media and overlap-free planning of stationary and mobile offers on the established quality level of agof. And now for each individual day as well as individually selectable periods.


It replaces the previously established agof study digital facts


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