AGOF publishes daily digital facts for the first time

Press Release 16.08.2017

AGOF publishes daily digital facts for the first time

Close on every second onliner in North Rhine-Westphalia obtained information on news and politics pages on the day of the German regional elections

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Frankfurt, 16. August 2017

AGOF has created a sensation by publishing today for the first time daily digital facts and thus digital reach levels for individual days, the established AGOF currency standard now being available for each individual day since April 1st 2017. Moreover, the new study, superseding the previous digital facts of AGOF, also makes it possible to select individual periods. For the first time, events such as public holidays, world championships or political occurrences can now be considered in detail and analysed.

AGOF is thus revising its top-quality planning basis and demonstrating above all the speed and changeability of the digital medium. Depending on current events or requirements, users and user behaviour as well as content and services change on a daily basis particularly in the internet. These developments can be now grasped with AGOF data promptly and in full detail, thereby boosting quality and planning security for digital media planning.

First results demonstrating the dynamics of the digital medium
An initial evaluation of the German regional elections in North Rhine-Westphalia on May 14th shows that on the election Sunday 48% of onliners from this federal state visited web pages in the subject area of news & politics, 15.7% more users thus surfing news portals compared with the previous day. Increasingly women and particularly persons aged 30-39 used the internet as a source of information. And keen interest was also taken in the follow-up reporting on the elections online, with 47.7% of onliners from North Rhine-Westphalia visiting news pages on Monday May 15th.

Established quality at new level
At the same time, the achievements of the previous AGOF market media studies were retained and even refined. All known and established AGOF performance values can now be evaluated for each individual day and considered for media plans. With the new survey method, the presentation of the use on various clients or browsers could also be enhanced. This is now shown in a more differentiated way.

Björn Kaspring, Chairman of the Executive Board at AGOF, notes: “With the launch of daily digital facts, AGOF has realised one of its probably most ambitious projects in the recent past. In just one and a half years, we have revamped all our processes and systems, at the same time ensuring unimpeded maintenance of normal operations. As a result, we can provide an up-to-date, groundbreaking and top-quality planning basis for the digital market. AGOF has thus once again demonstrated its capability and innovative power and lived up to its reputation as digital authority.

The first issue of daily digital facts makes available the data from April to July 2017. For a transition and familiarization period, the individual days of a month are being publicized at the beginning of the following month before a switch is made to a daily publication of AGOF data probably this autumn.

Initial results from daily digital facts can be called up via:

From a methodical viewpoint, the data of daily digital facts is comparable in principle with the results of the preceding study digital facts. However, changes (growth, losses or shifts) with reach levels or structures can result from the switch to the daily processing of data. This has to be borne in mind when interpreting these changes.

The Study Group for Online Research (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung) was established in December 2002. The mission and purpose of the AGOF is to provide transparency and practical standards that are independent of individual interests in online media research. It compiles the necessary performance values – not only for the classic Internet but also for additional segments of digital media – in close collaboration with the market and makes them available in the corresponding studies for this purpose. The leading online marketers of Germany in the AGOF are therefore organised into sections in which they advance the conception, supply and further development of the reach research and planning parameters in cooperation with the market partners in their respective segment.

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