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Press Release, 08.10.2014

Media Research Overview without Boundaries

AGOF, NET-Metrix and ÖWA present joint website on digital reach research in the D-A-CH region

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Frankfurt, 08. October 2014

The new joint web presence by the research associations that are responsible for comparative values of digital market and media research in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH) shows that the three countries have more in common than just the language. AGOF, NET-Metrix and ÖWA have created a portal at that provides all interested parties with a quick overview for a direct comparison of the respective studies and research methods by the three associations: “The joint web presence by AGOF, ÖWA and NET-Metrix documents the close exchange with each other and represents a very good orientation for media professionals who work across the D-A-CH region or intend to do so,” according to Rolf Schmitz, CEO at NET-Metrix in Switzerland.

Instead of duplicating each company’s own online appearances, the new website presents the digital media research in the D-A-CH region for the first time; it offers a direct comparison that is generally understandable, as well as concentrated on the essential facts. Its focus is always on congruities among the partners, as highlighted by Hannes Dünser, Managing Director of the ÖWA: “The website emphasises commonalities in the reporting of digital ranges in the D-A-CH region and directs attention to the multifaceted contents of our Internet studies.

An additional objective was to render visible precisely this abundance of data and differences between users in these countries. The focus has been placed on the homepage for this purpose. Graphically illustrated analyses on topics such as “How many people in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are online?” or “How many Internet users shop in the respective country?” can be playfully browsed by scrolling through them. The contents are updated on a regular basis so returning to the website is worthwhile.

In addition to information on the three partners, their studies and survey methods, the offer is rounded off by an introduction to digital market research and presentation of the most important performance values. And so it can be used under every circumstance, the website has also been optimised for smartphone access.

Claudia Dubrau, Managing Director of the AGOF, summarises the added value of the new D-A-CH presence: “Our new portal makes it possible to easily view offers, methods and results of the digital market standard from Austria, Switzerland and Germany in a direct comparison with each other for the first time. Because market research or media planning does not automatically stop at the national boundaries: With our overview, we would like to make available a genuine added value to all of those who work with reach research in the D-A-CH region for their daily work. And, above all, this is in an appealing and fresh form that communicates to them how fascinating and exciting market research can be.”



The Study Group for Online Research (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung) was established in December 2002. The mission and purpose of the AGOF is to provide transparency and practical standards that are independent of individual interests in online media research. It compiles the necessary performance values – not only for the classic Internet but also for additional segments of digital media – in close collaboration with the market and makes them available in the corresponding studies for this purpose. The leading online marketers of Germany in the AGOF are therefore organised into sections in which they advance the conception, supply and further development of the reach research and planning parameters in cooperation with the market partners in their respective segment.

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