AGOF schafft Standard für die Ex-Post-Betrachtung


Press Release, 10.09.2014

AGOF creates Standard for Ex-Post Analysis

The AGOF Enables Standardised Monitoring of Success for Digital Advertising Campaigns

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Frankfurt/Cologne, 10 September 2014

AGOF’s latest project on the topic of ex-post analysis celebrated its official premier today at the dmexco 2014, which is the key international trade fair and conference for the digital industry. With this expansion of its multifaceted market exposure that will be available to all market partners in a few months, AGOF has created the first standard for the measurement, monitoring and analysis of campaigns. This closes the previous gap in the media process since no generally accepted and comparable measurement results have been available up to now, despite the increasing relevance of campaign success monitoring.

For the first time, the AGOF will offer ex-post measurement and analysis at the same data level on which the ex-ante campaign planning occurs. The model is designed to deliver a code together with the actual advertising medium. The result is that the measurement data of the website participating in the AGOF studies and campaign are imported into the same measurement system, which makes it possible to link them directly with each other. So the campaign’s usage data can be directly enriched with structural data by AGOF. This creates not only the convenience of using the information in the same established and familiar system, but makes it even easier to directly compare and measure ex-post data.

This offer many advantages for customers and the media side: The customer and marketer can already define the desired campaign KPIs before the start of the campaign, monitoring and optimising them at any time during the campaign’s running time as needed. As a neutral party that considers the interests of all market participants, the AGOF guarantees the validity, trustworthiness and quality of the data in this process. The basic feasibility of the model’s methodology has already been tested and verified. The market introduction will occur in several stages over in the coming months.

Dirk Maurer, Board Member at AGOF: „With our offer for monitoring the success of campaigns, we are creating a standard in the non-transparent market of ex-post data for the first time. This will ensure security and transparency. Such a standardised campaign measurement and optimisation will promote the progress of the digital market because it finally establishes the trust in the effectiveness of digital media, as well as providing the proof of it.


The Study Group for Online Research (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung) was established in December 2002. The mission and purpose of the AGOF is to provide transparency and practical standards that are independent of individual interests in online media research. It compiles the necessary performance values – not only for the classic Internet but also for additional segments of digital media – in close collaboration with the market and makes them available in the corresponding studies for this purpose. The leading online marketers of Germany in the AGOF are therefore organised into sections in which they advance the conception, supply and further development of the reach research and planning parameters in cooperation with the market partners in their respective segment.

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