Willkommen in der (digitalen) Welt: AGOF stellt „digital facts“ vor


Press Release, 10.09.2014

Welcome to the (Digital) World: AGOF Introduces “digital facts”

The AGOF Presents a First Glance of Their New “digital facts” Media Market Study at the Dmexco 2014

Frankfurt/Cologne, 10 September 2014

User behaviour, living environments and media usage are becoming increasingly digital. This is especially a challenge in media planning because an adequate foundation for the comprehensive planning beyond stationary and mobile Internet has been lacking up to now. The AGOF’s latest study project now creates the first planning basis for this purpose in the German market: Within the scope of the dmexco 2014, which is the key trade fair of the digital business, it presented the prototype of its new market media study “digital facts” to the public media. For the first time, “digital facts” will enable crossmedia and overlap-free planning of stationary and mobile offerings at AGOF’s established level of quality level.

Based on the first quarter of 2014, a prototype that allows a first glance at the net reach of more than 700 overall digital offerings and 55 digital marketers was created for this purpose by means of merging the existing studies of “internet facts” and “mobile facts.” In addition, the two individual studies – and therefore the analysis of just one digital medium – will also remain in the database.

Matthias Wahl, Chairman of the Board at AGOF: “With ‘digital facts,’ we offer the market a new milestone in terms of making valid performance data available. Our ultimate goal as AGOF is providing the market with standards that are valid and transparent, as well as practical and efficient. Only such a standard allows us to continue developing the digital market and consequently ensuring long-term growth. We are certain that we will establish a comprehensive data basis for digital planning with ‘digital facts’ – and therefore the foundation for the further market development of the digital business.

TOP 10 of Digital Reach Rankings by Service Offers and Marketers

With 28.66 million unique users, the total range of digital service offers by T-Online* assumes first place in the new ranking for the average month in the first quarter of 2014. This is followed by eBay.de with 24.52 and gutefrage.net with 20.89 million unique users. The runner-ups in sequential order are BILD (18.25 million UUs), WEB.DE (16.33 million UUs), CHIP (14.76 million UUs) and FOCUS Online* (13.82 million UUs). The TOP 10 is completed by SPIEGEL ONLINE* with 13.76 million unique users, computerbild.de (13.70 million UUs) and GMX (13.59 million UUs).

InteractiveMedia leads the ranking of digital marketers in the prototype of “digital facts” with 38.12 million unique users; Axel Springer Media Impact (35.61 million UUs) and TOMORROW FOCUS MEDIA (31.24 million UUs) are in 2nd and 3rd place. United Internet Media with 30.76, Ströer Digital with 29.76 and Seven.One Media with 29.20 million unique users occupy the middle of the rankings. IP Deutschland ranks 7th with 28.23 million unique users. OMS (27.33 million UUs), eBay Advertising Group Deutschland (27.05 million UUs) and G+J Electronic Media Sales (26.81 million UUs) complete the TOP 10.

The final study of “digital facts” that will follow next year includes all of the previously familiar qualification data of the AGOF studies such as net and gross reach, sociodemographic and psychographic characteristics for user and target-group description (structural data), market data (consumption and household items) and general data on Internet usage. All information will be enriched in AGOF’s analysis and planning programme TOP to provide additional relevant information such as formats, rates, etc. for high-quality media planning. The transition to regular operation is planned for 2015 and will initially occur on the basis of a quarterly publication.

* The stationary or mobile offer components taken into account in the DGA do not correspond with the eponymous offer shown in the if 2014-03 or mf 2014-I. The DGA is composed of additional offer components.


More information about the digital facts you find here:



The Study Group for Online Research (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung) was established in December 2002. The mission and purpose of the AGOF is to provide transparency and practical standards that are independent of individual interests in online media research. It compiles the necessary performance values – not only for the classic Internet but also for additional segments of digital media – in close collaboration with the market and makes them available in the corresponding studies for this purpose. The leading online marketers of Germany in the AGOF are therefore organised into sections in which they advance the conception, supply and further development of the reach research and planning parameters in cooperation with the market partners in their respective segment.

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