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For reliable viewability of digital campaigns

From now on the registration for the quality certificate for Viewability is possible

The viewability of advertising is an important qualifying characteristic in the context of evaluating digital campaigns. In practice, the viewability of the advertising media of an online campaign is usually measured by both the marketer and the media agency or advertiser. In order to ensure the comparability of these measurement results and to keep the deviations between the different measurement systems and providers as low as possible, uniform procedures, measurement parameters and reportings are required.

The new quality certificate from agof and BVDW provides orientation in this reporting jungle. Because for providers who have successfully passed the certification for viewability, the results correspond to the standards and threshold values that the market participants have set for viewability. The exact values are set out transparently in the BVDW and agof certification guidelines and are binding for all certified providers of viewability measurements.

European guideline for practical use in the German market

The Viewability Certification Guideline is based on the European Viewability Measurement Principles of the European Viewability Steering Group (EVSG) in version 2.0 of March 2019, which BVDW and its Digital Marketing Quality (DMQ) focus group played a key role in developing.

With this certification guideline, BVDW and agof are transferring the European guidelines into practical application in the German market. The possibility of transfer to other European markets is given.

The underlying principles apply to measurement tools that provide information about the possible viewability of advertising forms in a browser-based online desktop environment (PCs as well as laptops) and a mobile web browser environment. In addition, the principles for certification relate to Internet usage across the most widely used browser families.

By means of the guideline or certification shall be achieved:

  • an improvement in the minimum quality standards for measuring digital advertising for all parties involved
  • A measurement of digital advertising presence to increase confidence in the digital ad trade
  • An improvement of the (Internet) user experience in the context of changing user expectations.
  • An improvement in trust in the digital advertising environment

The road to the Viewability certificate

All measurement service providers and tool providers who offer information on the viewability of advertising media can apply. Membership of the BVDW or agof is not a prerequisite. Registration takes place directly via the BVDW website. Following registration, the certification guidelines will be sent automatically. Companies that make a binding decision to apply for certification are given access to the auditing process and in doing so demonstrate compliance with the requirements to an external, neutral and certified auditor.

Application is possible at any time, the application period is about three months. Upon passing the exam, the applicant receives a seal that can be used in all documents, appearances and other business dealings. The certificate is valid for 12 months, after which a follow-up certification can be ordered.

To the BVDW registration

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