aqi: Qualified agof inventory for system alignment

Transparency for the digital advertising industry is the central goal of all activities of the German Association of Online Research. Alongside the provision of valid usage data, this also includes quality assurance. A free service from agof now helps to identify high-quality environments more easily in the context of automated advertising processes. A new feature that may also be used in the area of “Programmatic Advertising” and was developed at the request of advertising customers and ad tech providers.

Data-driven marketing and automated processes have long been more than just a trend in the digital advertising industry. This also applies to programmatic advertising. However, in addition to the many advantages, customers, marketers and agencies also see the downsides: Ad fraud and brand safety are two key aspects for which solutions must be found. A new agof service helps to identify high-value environments more easily in automated advertising processes – transparently and free of charge for all market participants.
How can media platforms tell whether the environments on which a campaign is to be served are of high quality, the content is legally compliant, and there are no negative effects on the image of the advertising company? The answer: each platform evaluates the quality of the inventory it offers on the basis of information it obtains itself. A neutral and reputable source that can be used free of charge by all platforms does not yet exist. A new service from agof tackles this very issue: It provides the market with a feature that can be used to query automatically and free of charge whether a URL or an app ID is an offer qualified by agof: the agof qualified inventory (aqi).

Which quality criteria does agof qualified inventory meet?

The idea behind aqi (agof qualified inventory): All websites and apps that are surveyed and included in the agof daily digital facts study undergo various checks and tests – and not just once during registration, but continuously. This applies both to aspects such as legal compliance (e.g. in the area of youth protection or with regard to the weapons laws applicable in Germany) and to ” Ad Fraud”. agof’s measurement systems have various security functions that, for example, detect automatically generated accesses due to technical errors. In addition, all spiders and bots are detected, which are continuously identified and published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). This ensures that the usage data of the daily digital facts is largely cleansed of Invalid Traffic. Even more importantly, offers in which massive violations of agof regulations have been identified are not published and, in the event of a repeat offence, the publisher responsible can even be excluded from the group of agof members or as a study participant. This also applies to violations of the statutes of the IVW (Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern e.V.), which as an external auditing body carries out additional monitoring of the technical measurement. Briefly: online offerings that are included in the agof study meet essential quality requirements of advertising customers and are therefore also considered to be of particularly high quality in the industry.

What does the aqi service feature do?

In order to enable as many technical systems as possible to use the new service, agof has created a highly flexible solution in collaboration with IT specialist COMsulting. URLs and app IDs can be matched individually via an API interface or completely integrated into the company’s own systems via a whitelist – and of course in machine-readable formats. In addition, the URL and App ID lists are available for viewing and download. agof is making the new service available to all users free of charge.

Erläuterungen zu den URLs

The aqi lists contain all name-giving domains as well as URLs of the offer components (referrer information). The background: When a website registers for measurement with IVW and agof, it does so with a “name-giving domain”, i.e. the URL under which the website is mainly accessed and which is usually also the most familiar to users. In addition, publishers have the option of adding the number of visits to URLs with different names to their “name-giving domains”. These offer shares are usually long-term (content-) partnerships.

The principle of “full pixelation” on behalf of agof ensures that every content in advertising areas of the offer is inspected and thus meets the high quality standards of the “agof qualified inventory” (aqi). In order to transparently show which URLs are cooperation domains, these offer components are listed as “referrers”.

An example: The section “Job & Karriere” of “” can also be accessed via “”. In our example, “” is then not only the domain of DER SPIEGEL, but also an offer component of “manager magazin”.

For plain URL view of the websites and mobile web pages, please click here:

For the machine-readable version of the URL lists in JSON format, please click here:

If you need the URL lists in csv format then retrieve them at:

The extensive documentation on how to connect your systems via API interface and retrieve the URL/App ID lists or integrate a direct URL/App ID query can be found at:

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