Target groups and focus

Target groups and focus

Whom the agof academy wants to address

The agof academy equally addresses online media planners, mobile and classic media planners as well as agof marketers. Other target groups include media planners and marketing managers in advertising companies, media researchers and media analysts.

The agof academy places great emphasis on the individual needs of the target groups. With this new concept, we aim to ensure sustainable success in day-to-day business. The professionally designed and ongoing range of seminars focuses on different topics and responds to the varied knowledge levels of possible participants. That is why we offer seminars on specific topics for beginners, experienced users and experts.

The seminars at the agof academy offer a balanced mix of theory and practice. Case studies from everyday planning and marketing situations help to consolidate the subjects of each seminar with hands-on activities. You can either bring your own laptop or use a computer provided by agof. A comprehensive documentation of the training materials including various practical examples will be made available on a CD or via a download link to take home and use in day-to-day business. Every participant will receive a confirmation of participation after successful completion of the seminar to document the new skills acquired by its holder.

The agof academy has the same ambitious demands for its trainers and seminar contents as agof has for conducting its studies, thus ensuring a high level of market- and practice-oriented topics. In addition, participants will be given the opportunity to give feedback and requests for alterations and amendments in a short questionnaire at the end of each seminar. The suggestions will be taken into consideration when organising seminars at the agof academy.

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