objectives of agof

What we stand for, what we want

Standard coverage currencies for digital media

Using a sophisticated multi-method model, agof daily collects coverage and structural data for digital advertising media. With its market-media studies as well as the performance indicator “Unique User” given in them, agof has established the standard digital coverage currency as indispensable basis for online media planning in the market.

Its declared aim is to register in the medium term the usage of all IP-based terminal devices in daily digital facts for providing for comprehensive, digital media planning. Accordingly, it focuses in pilot groups and task forces on future-oriented topics such as SmartTV or connected mobility.


However, agof is concerned with many other important areas. The following chart provides a compact overview of its profile:

Innovative strength and practical orientation

The special competencies of agof include its clear appreciation of market-relevant trends and the requisite innovative strength to realise these. agof benefits from its close networking with the market and its ability to offer fresh perspectives with new and also unusual approaches.

Moreover, a notable feature of agof is that it acts not just as a provider of ideas – it also develops innovations and solutions that are also marketable and future-oriented. This is shown by its long success story of managing complex projects, of various service providers and also heterogenous market partners.

Closely connected with the market

As Joint Industry Committee (JIC), agof always handles these tasks independently of individual interests and in close cooperation with its market partners – particularly the advertisers and online media agencies.

Its area of activity is also constantly expanding: apart from acquiring planning data, agof offers the market a wide range of practically oriented services and interfaces. In the next few months, it will also deliver a standard for evaluating digital media campaigns – on the same basis as the previous planning.

In addition, agof promotes the digital medium in important sector organisations, advocating in particular reasonable data protection for online marketing. It also promotes cross-border research standards at European level.

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