Mobile Section

The Mobile Section

The Mobile Section comprises all of Germany’s online marketers specialised in the (mobile) Internet as a digital advertising platform. They control and take responsibility for the conceptual design, provision and further development of media coverage research activities and planning parametres in their respective segment of digital economy.

The Mobile Section is embedded into the overall structure of agof e.V. It is, however, largely autonomous according to the rules and standards, especially when it comes to managing and financing research activities. The Mobile Section is mainly focussing on the establishment of a mobile coverage currency on the market including planning data for mobile coverage and structures of mobile offers. It is in charge of monitoring the development and implementation of the study model mentioned therein, the implementation of the study itself and the methodological concept of mobile coverage measurement. In addition, it is the only decision-making body analogous to the overall association with a Section Assembly Mobile, which also elects the Managing Board of the Section. It controls the Technical Commission Mobile.

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