Overview of Committees

Committees of The Internet Section

Several committees support the Internet Section in implementing and developing new performance values and definitions. These committees include the Section Assembly, the Technical Commission Internet and all working groups under its authority.

Organisation chart of the committee overview Internet Section

Section Assembly (SAI):

Analogous to the General Assembly, the Section Assembly of the Internet Section forms the assembly of all the Section members. It is the central decision-making body for all issues concerning the Section. It elects the Managing Board of the Section from among its members.

Technical Commission Internet (TCI):

The Technical Commission Internet is the methodological body of the Internet Section. It assumes methodological responsibility for agof’s online research projects. Every member of the Internet Section sends a delegate to the TCI, mainly with a background in market research. Thus, it consists of renowned market researchers of the leading online marketers in Germany. It is particularly in charge of the following tasks:

  • methodological concept and technical implementation of online coverage and structural surveys (agof study “daily digital facts”)
  • methodological monitoring and quality control in cooperation with all research agencies and service providers involved
  • defining methodological standards to evaluate and report on the “daily digital facts” study

It controls the working groups within the Section.

Speaker of the Technical Commission Internet


Almut Grahn
IP Deutschland GmbH


Wenzel Drechsler
United Internet Media AG
Deputy Speaker

Among the members of the committee are:

MA_Smaranda Dancu

Smaranda Dancu
BurdaForward GmbH


Kay Schneemann


Susanne Grage
iq digital media
marketing gmbh

MA_Clarissa Moughrabi

Clarissa Moughrabi
Media Impact GmbH & Co. KG

Thomas Halamuda

Thomas Halamuda
Score Media Group
GmbH & Co. KG

MA_Michael Adler_AGOF-grau

Michael Adler
Seven.One Media GmbH

Hannes Dünser

Hannes Dünser
SPIEGEL-Verlag Rudolf
Augstein GmbH & Co. KG


Hauke Petersen
Ströer Digital Group GmbH


Nikolaus Schmitt-Walter
Plan.Net media
GmbH & Co. KG


André Heimerl
VivaKi GmbH

Working Group Methodological Questions (WMQ):

The working group Methodological Questions is responsible for resolving issues related to all study models and methodological challenges from other working groups. The WMQ is also in charge of resolving and standardising difficult individual issues. In addition, it guarantees a smooth implementation of the market media study “daily digital facts” thanks to a successful monitoring of data record creation and lays the groundwork for possible extensions to the study.

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