Overview of Committees

agof Committees

How we Are Set up

In order to adequately address the different agof topics and fields of activity, there are various committees within agof e.V. As shown in the organisational chart, the Online Media Planning Commission, Marketing/PR and specially set-up Task Forces directly report to the association.

Further committees report directly to the Internet and Mobile divisions.

agof Committees

Online Media Planning Commission (KOP):

The Online Media Planning Commission in the central body of agof e.V. and therefore responsible for all topics related to online media planning. Each member organisation sends a delegate, i.e. a media planner, to the commission. Thus, it consists of renowned media planners of the leading online marketers in Germany. It reports directly to the association and is particularly in charge of the following tasks across all divisions:

  • expansion and further development of the planning tool TOP in terms of online-specific functions
  • collection and integration of user requirements regarding TOP
  • integration of all agof studies in TOP
  • communication with all media agencies who, in exchange, also send a representative to the commission so as to „have an ear to the market“
  • planned supervision and quality control in cooperation with all service providers involved

In addition, the Online Media Planning Commission is in charge of the examination and evaluation of the practicability of new performance values in terms of valid media planning, making recommendations to the General Assembly.

The spokespersons of the Online Media Planning Commission are:


Martin Czikowski
Media Impact GmbH

Torsten May
Ströer Digital Group
Deputy Speaker

The delegates include:


Smaranda Dancu
BurdaForward GmbH

Sabrina Straßburger
eBay Classifieds Group


Timo Lütten

Sabine Hinkel
IP Deutschland GmbH


Susanne Grage
iq digital media
marketing gmbh


Christoph Schneider
SPIEGEL-Verlag Rudolf
Augstein GmbH & Co. KG


Stefan Ruf
Seven.One Media GmbH

Michael Esipovich

Michael Esipovich
United Internet Media


Thorben Bockwoldt
Havas Media

Andreea Giuros
Mediaplus Digital GmbH & Co. KG


Katrin Kalchschmid

Commission Performance Values & Guidelines (KLR):

The Commission Performance Values & Guidelines (KLR) is the authoritative body for defining rules and regulations for quality assurance in the context of digital advertising. The fact-oriented body, which is committed to neutrality, is made up of experts from various disciplines in the digital value chain and takes into account the requirements of the entire advertising market. The definitions, minimum standards and behavioral guidelines drawn up by the KLR form the basis for issuing certificates, with which the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW) and the German Association of Online Research (agof) ensure greater transparency and comparability in ad and audience verification. (Details about the new seals of approval can be found under this link: https://www.agof.de/en/zertifizierungen/qualitaetszertifikate/)

Participation in the KLR is permitted to members of agof as well as representatives of agency and advertising client organizations. However, experts who do not belong to the agof circle can also contribute their expertise to the commission’s task forces, where individual topics are discussed.

Tasks of the KLR in particular:

  • Development of quality standards for all relevant procedures for ad and audience verification
  • Formulation of definitions that are accepted across markets
  • Definition of limit and threshold values, measurement points as well as methodological minimum requirements (e.g. in connection with viewability, invalid traffic or brand safety)
  • Development of rules of conduct and codes
  • Definition of audit processes as well as selection of competent, trustworthy auditors
  • Technical support of the verification processes, final assessment of the results and issuance of the release for the certificates

The objective of all KLR activities is to strengthen trust in the digital advertising environment and the serving of advertising media. The criteria developed by KLR are intended on the one hand to make it easier to compare measurement service, since their performance can be objectified. On the other hand, the KLR’s criteria are intended to help improve the quality of served advertising and the quality of the advertising environment, since problem cases and inconsistencies can be identified quickly and compliance with rules pays off.


The specialised Marketing/PR group is responsible for all of agof ’s marketing, press and public relation activities. In particular, its main tasks comprise:

  • communicating all topics relevant for agof to the respective target group and the general public
  • placement and forwarding of agof communications content in the specialised pres
  • development, implementation and support of agof marketing activities such as the creation of image brochures, conceptual design of trade fair appearances etc.
  • preparation as well as internal and external presentation of agof topics

Task Forces:

agof creates temporary Task Forces for new and specific topics. The purpose and aim of such Task Forces is to assess new and relevant digital media topics with regard to their framework conditions and general feasibility of an agof study. If the evaluation was successful, they are transferred to the agof committees for further processing and implementation. Please contact Claudia Dubrau for further information on the agof Task Forces.


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