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The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung (agof) [German association of Online Research] was founded by Germany’s leading online marketers and advertising media in December 2002. Its main focus is on the online advertising market, i.e. agencies and online media planners, marketing managers in advertising companies, marketers and other market partners.

The association

Currently, agof consists of 11 members and approx. 20 study participants. The association is separated into Internet and Mobile divisions responsible for media research and planning parametres in the respective digital division. Thanks to a heterogeneous membership structure, all interests and quality principles are considered across all competitors.

Our studies are validated by independent third parties – e.g. transfer of the evaluation of the former internet facts media data to the umbrella – thus guaranteeing a balance across all media and safeguarding the interests of all market participants.

agof range of brands

By introducing a standardised coverage currency (Unique User) and providing a comprehensive basis of planning data as part of its market media studies, agof makes online advertising more transparent and plannable both on the classic and mobile Internet: In August 2015 the study digital facts combined both previous studies internet facts for classic, fixed websites and mobile facts providing planning data for mobile advertising media and other mobile offers and therefore made an overall media planning possible. The new daily digital facts now makes this data available for every single day and will be released daily.

Based on the rule study, the agof offers special evaluations for the target group potentials of various sectors in the quarter, which are available free of charge as agof facts & figures.

The agof planning tool TOP modular puts study data for media planning suited to the different channels at your disposal. At the same time, the agof academy offers practice-oriented trainings on the use of TOP modular and study data in every-day planning.



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