Internet facts

Internet Facts

With its monthly market media study “internet facts” until august 2015, agof has created a comprehensive database for all market partners on the online advertising market. It has established the performance value Unique User introduced therein as the market’s standard currency to form the basis for high quality online media planning.


Homogeneous foundation for online media planning

The internet facts study plays a decisive role in establishing the Internet as an advertising medium within the media mix as it ensures comparability of the performance values of online advertising media to provide a homogenous planning foundation. All performance indicators are assigned to websites participating in the agof study and their sub pages – called booking units – enabling them to plan their online advertising activities according to comparable standards in classic advertising.

Reach and structures for online advertising media in Germany

In accordance with the standards of advertisers and media agencies, the structure and reach data of all of Germany’s online advertising media constitutive of the market are collected in the internet facts. The study includes structure and reach data for several hundred online advertisers and their booking units, thus providing core data on Internet usage and e-commerce in Germany.

In parallel with publishing its regular studies, agof also provides so-called agof facts & figures (previously known as industry reports) of the internet facts. They include target group potential on the Internet for selected industries and identify the importance of the Internet serving as an information and transaction medium for certain product categories.

Since august 2015 the internet facts ist not longer published, classic internet data can be still viewed separately in the digital facts.

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