Neue Trainer bei der AGOF Akademie

News vom 01.09.2014

New trainers at the AGOF Academy

The AGOF Academy has expanded its field of activity thus enhanced its expertise!

This year, the AGOF Academy has significantly expanded its professional training catalogue. Parallel to our standard trainings (media planning and analysis, AGOF studies) we are offering training courses covering topics like the digital advertising market, the media economy and marketing. We are very happy that we could acquire the renowned trainers Wolfgang Fritz and Mark Leinemann for these subjects.

Fritz is a long time veteran in the media publishing business. He is specialised in communication and sales. According to this, his seminars are focused on enhancing basic communication skills and successful sales talks in the media business.

Leinemann is also known under the name Mr. WoM. He is a well known consultant for Word of Mouth marketing. At AGOF Academy he will show how to identify Word of Mouth target groups and how to make them plannable with help of the internet facts.

Click here for a full list of our training courses in 2014

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