AGOF Services GmbH

AGOF Services GmbH


AGOF Services GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AGOF e. V. responsible for all operative issues when conducting studies.

Apart from designing service provider contracts as well as planning and monitoring study budgets, it is also responsible for all operations when conducting studies on behalf and in accordance with the committees of AGOF e. V. assuming tasks for cooperation companies. It processes developments by decision of AGOF e. V., assumes development tasks and is in charge of routine operations. Thus, it consults and supports the committees of AGOF e. V. in content and organisational matters. Its central tasks also include the support and monitoring of AGOF committees, e.g. in the AGOF General Assembly’s methodological decision-making, AGOF’s methodological outlines for and the organisational and content-related coordination of online delegates within

Furthermore, it provides study results by using an analysis and planning tool. It is also in charge of the conceptual design, the further development and support of the planning tool’s (TOP) maintenance on behalf of AGOF e. V. In addition, AGOF Services GmbH holds shares in cooperation companies – together with (and/or other organisations) such as in the Internet Media Analyse GmbH (IMA).

Contact persons at AGOF Services GmbH:

Sven Bornemann
Sven Bornemann
Managing Director
Phone: 069 / 264 888-322
Claudia Dubrau
Managing Director
Phone: 069 / 264 888-311
Marion Beckers
Head of AGOF Academy
Phone: 069 / 264 888-317
Jennifer Bubbel
Department manager of research & study operations
Felix Depner
Project manager of research & study operations
Patrick Gerigk
Manager Controlling
Claudia Gröner (née Solf)
Department manager of products & services
Inke Häfner
Miryana Müller
Project manager of research & study operations
Malte Stüttgen
Malte Stüttgen
Project manager of research & study operations


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