brand facts

Brand facts

agof study for brands and their online presence

From now on, so-called “non-advertising media” can also be included in surveys following agof’s multi-method model. Companies and institutions wanting to get an accurate picture of users surfing their Internet presence can obtain a licence for the brand facts study to benefit from relevant values und information – both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Brands on the Net: agof’s brand facts study

To gain the best control over one’s own Internet activities, click rates are not enough. For that reason, all relevant advertising media in Germany have the performance indicators of their online offers analysed by agof since 2005. This is true both for the classic, fixed and the mobile Internet.

The level of detail of the agof studies is unparalleled, setting standards in media research. This is made possible by a unique, three-pillar method model. It combines technical full website surveys with on-site surveys and population-representative telephone surveys. This methodology is continuously checked by independent third parties. So far, all advertising media could benefit from agof’s research activities.

However, branded goods manufacturers, service companies and institutions offering and promoting exclusively their own products and services on the Internet used to be excluded from the collection of data. An information gap the brand facts study knows how to fill. It is just as comprehensive as AGOF’s regular studies and offers all indicators the digital advertising market uses to analyse the performance of interactive offers.

You will find detailed information on the latest addition to the agof range of studies as well as contact data if you, too, want to participate in our brand facts info package. For further information or if you’re interested in participating, please contact Claudia Gröner!

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