AGOF Academy

An educational institution close to business practice offered by AGOF – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung [Working Group for Online Media Research]


Practice-oriented seminars on online media planning with TOP and on online marketing using AGOF’s studies


The AGOF Academy Academy is the logical extension of AGOF’s market-oriented activities. Its aim is to provide interested market partners with the necessary know-how on how to use TOP and AGOF’s market media studies internet facts and mobile facts in online media planning and online marketing. Thus, it guarantees an effective and successful use of the Internet as an advertising platform. Based on years of experience in developing and implementing AGOF’s internet facts study and the marketers’ and media agencies’ feedback, the practice-oriented seminars are designed according to the needs of the target groups. The seminars are organised by an experienced team of trainers. All trainers have many years of experience in the marketing and/or agency business and therefore know the different demands of the industry. Moreover, due to a close cooperation with the AGOF Commission Planning, the seminars are very close to business practice.

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